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Sarah Murray is a commercial and lifestyle photographer, who lives in Vancouver Canada. At age 20; she began her studies in manual photography at Focal Point.


Sarah’s fascination with imagery began as a child with a  love of nature and a stack of National Geographic Magazines. By 1996 Sarah was shooting professionally. She is constantly exploring her fascination with the human condition through her camera lens. Sarah has balanced her love of portraiture and travel through her compassionate and unobtrusive approach to her photography work.


Sarah has showcased her work through collaborative shows, including exhibits in Vancouver and Toronto at Exposure Gallery, the Main Artery, the Joseph D Carrier Gallery, and “Nuit Blanche”. Internationally she has exhibited with Cineforum in London, England. 


In May 2011, Sarah attended a Magnum Photo Workshop in Toronto with Eli Reed, which was a 5 day intensive workshop on photographic story telling which she produced Indefinable Era. Other documentary projects include Sam Sullivan: Life in a Wheelchair, Vancouver Peace Summit, Acupuncture Relief Program in Chapagaon Nepal, H.H. the Dalai Lama’s Teachings in Sanarth India and Arunima HIV Hospice in Kolkata India.

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